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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tips for Writing Wedding Thank-You Notes

Use a divide-and-conquer strategy. Each of you should plan to write your own notes to your respective families and friends.
Prompt and politeness are the key. Gifts received before your wedding should be acknowledged within 2 weeks; for those that come after, send notes within a month.
Thank the sender for the "generous gift" and mention your plans for it. Never mention the amount.
If an item arrives damaged, notify the store immediately; it can probably be replaced without involving the giver.
As with a cash gift, explain how you plan to use a present.
None of the following should replace a mailed paper note: a phone call, email, text, facebook status update or twitter.
Tell the giver that you're excited to see her at the wedding, or after the wedding, that you enjoyed spending time with her on your big day.
If a group of friends pitched in for a gift, write each person your own note, acknowledging how lucky you are to have them.
Send notes that match with your theme; send photos later.
Whoever writes the note should sign the note, but feel free to use language like "Josh and I adore the crepe pan."