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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting A Better Check-Up

The face time you usually get with your doctor is already very limited. It might help to take the last appointment of the day, - doctors feel less time pressure then.

To stay on track while you're face to face with your doctor, bring a list of questions and take note about the four W's that doctors need to know:
  • when it began
  • what it feels like
  • what makes it better
  • what makes it worse
According to a study, doctors are usually disrupted by talking about themselves or telling stories which often result in subpar care. So, go ahead and direct the conversation back to you.

You can ask your doctor, - "Can I repeat the main points back to you?" then run down the info you need to remember. It may clear up any confusion - and hearing the details out loud helps remind your doctor of things she may have forgotten. This ensures that you're both in agreement about the next steps to take.