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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Improve Your Karma

What goes around, comes around, so why don't you do some little acts of do-goodery and happy vibes will come right back at you.

If you've got some 10 bucks of change in your pocket, hit the donate button and choose from a great list of worthy non-profits :).

Stop berating yourself. Kindness starts at home.

Say "no problem" to the person who cut infront of you in line, to the waitress who forgot your drink, etc...forgiveness in the 401 (karma life) :).

Commit to a 3-compliments a-day minimum, and stick to it.

Teach a kid to tie a shoelace, the difference between lay and lie, or how to make a bully sorry he ever messed with you - anything that took you too long to learn on your own.

Treat yourself to a brownie sundae. A study found out that people may act more altruistic after a major infusion of glucose! :).

Let your pet on the furniture - he'll pay you back in love ;).