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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning a Beach Wedding?

When you're thinking of getting married by the sea, timing is everything. The best time for the ceremony is late afternoon, about 90 minutes before sunset.
Beach goers that aren't part of your wedding will be mostly cleared out and sunset photos will be breathtaking.
If the ceremony is brief, it's probably best to let guests stand, - but provide chairs for older guests.

Wedding archways are nice, but think twice before putting one. A strong gusty wind could mean disaster.
Give your guests a heads up that the ceremony will be on the sand. You can probably put it on your invitation that suggests they wear flat shoes as well as bringing a light wrap if you anticipate chilly sea breezes.
You can opt to have a basket of inexpensive flip-flops on hand for guests to grab - or say everyone can go barefoot.

The Big Issues To Consider:
  • check local ordinances and be sure to file for permits. You don't want to discover last-minute that you're not allowed to be there.
  • Keep decor simple and well-secured. If the beach is very windy, skip the veil or wear a short one that won't end up in the groom's face (or yours).
  • Prepare for a stormy weather just in case: Have an indoor backup plan.
  • If mosquitoes or sand fleas are a problem, pay attention to timing. Critters are generally liveliest at dusk. Set out baskets of insect repellant for the guests.
  • Check tide charts to see if your location will be dry at the time of your ceremony.
  • Consider using battery-operated sound system with your iPod or laptop. String instruments don't mix with water and sand.
  • Visit your site in the season and time of day of your wedding to scout hurdles like frisbee tossers, temperature drops and aggressive gulls.