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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ways To Get a "Never Look Tired" Look

Watch out! These tips are the beauty equivalent of red keep reading ;).
  1. Brighten up by layering a deep-blue mascara over your usual black it rivals Visine for making bloodshot eyes look whiter.
  2. Refresh your eyes with a silky cream that helps reduce inflammation and softens lines. Dab it under your eyes for a midday pick me up.
  3. Quench your skin by adding a shot of Myblend Radiant Burst Booster or any other brand to get more out of moisturizing.
  4. Be Luminous. Dust a bit of pearly glow that looks like you slept an extra hour, on cheeks and brow bones.
  5. Cover the circles by using Terry light-expert Perfecting Foundation Brush. It's kinder than candlelight to tired, dull skin.