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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be A better Woman You Want To Be

You don't need a better luck for a desire of career success, more money, amazing sex desire and effortless style. You just need a better system.

Try meeting other women and steal their little tricks for a life that works, and you'll have admirers wondering ;).

Find Me Time. - Carve out an hour to work out in the morning and an hour of quiet at night.

Get a Big Promotion. - Try taking new responsibilities and suggested ways to save money. Accept a little change and paid vacation, leaving the door open to revisit your salary in the next fiscal year.

Meet sexy, successful men:
  • Break the ice - try asking a man you wanna meet; "have you gotten your tickets to the car and bike show?"
  • Breeze into a barbershop - ask if they groom brows and if so, take your seat with the gents on Saturday.
  • Attend sporting events, boat shows, car auctions. Try securing floor seats for basketball play-offs, because that's where the single men sit :).