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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quit Smoking

The success on how you can stop smoking depends on you. It involves a sacrifice, and serious discipline on yourself. Of course vital information on how you can successfully quit smoking can also help. Start getting a subscription for free to their email newsletter which includes informative tips and articles plus promotional offers and stories of smokers who successfully stopped smoking.


Anything Under the Sun said...

i hope my husband will quit smoking soon, he's not really into a lot but its still best if someone really does not have the habit.

Justlittlecajunme said...

I have a long story to tell you how my kindred spirit quit smoking and what I did to help. I never smoked in my life but I have lung disease. My kindred spirit and I wrote to each every day and I encouraged her. After she quit for six months,I had a plaque made for her in congratulations and for her to have something to look at when she thinks of lighting up. After she stopped she could feela big difference.

AngelNoah said...

@Justlittlecajunme: Wow! What a good job that somebody appreciated what you did. Having a plaque made just for your efforts is worth admiring. You must have been self fulfilled now :).

Justlittlecajunme said...

I was very proud of her and although I have always been a nonsmoker I figured it was a dificult thing to do. So I wanted to give her something to remind herself someone cared and I do. It had nothing to do with me except keeping my friend alive for a little while longer :) THanks for the kind words.