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Friday, December 3, 2010

Places Where Diets Are Doomed

There are some tricky spots where you tend to go and gain weight. In this case, here are ways how you can come out still healthy.

The Mall:
Did you know that most of us can actually spend 13 stressful hours here during holidays? - one good reason to grab lots of bites to eat.

What You Can Do:
  • Don't snack. Have a meal instead. Say for example, eating Auntie Ann's pretzels has 370 calories in it, while taking in 2 slices of thin-crust pizza will fill you up for 384 calories.
  • Decide what you want ahead of time. So, enter the food court with a destination.
The Party Buffet:
What You Can Do:
  • Grab a snack beforehand, so you'll have 10 times the self-control.
  • Know you can stop. An extra calorie is always an extra calorie, so having eaten one cookie is no reason to eat 10 more.
  • Take a small plate of whatever you want, but wait 15 minutes before heading back to the buffet. Chances are you'll stop there.
Your Couch:
What You Can Do:
  • Eat your regular meal, instead of snacks. Control portions and you'll be satisfied without overeating.
  • Pick pizza over wings. Five chicken wings with blue cheese pack about 130 more calories and 3x the fat of a stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza slice.