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Monday, January 17, 2011

Groom Your Brows

All brows need a little shaping and filling. Some refresher course might help ;).

To find the right shape, hold a white eyeliner pencil vertically against your nostril and use it to mark the point where it intersects with your brow. Then, angle the pencil along the outer corner of your eye; mark the point where the tip meets your brow. Next, mark the bottom of each brow above the outer edge of your iris which will be your arch point.

Draw a curved line to connect the 3 points. Use a slant tweezer and yank the strap below the white line. Begin at the inner part of your brow; switch between brows every few plucks to maintain symmetry.

Wipe off the white lines and check your work; fix any uneven spots.

Define brows with pencil and powder. If you're blonde or a redhead, use a color that's one shade darker than your brows. For brunette, go for a light shade. Draw the pencil along the inside of the top edge of the brow using short flicks, then fill in bare spots.

Apply powder using angled brush, then run a spooly brush through brows to soften it all.

Pat colorless wax on the thickest part of your brow if needed, to keep the hairs in place. If the hairs are thick, try a clear brow gel.