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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Trip Back Home

Last Friday, we finally reached our destination...HOME! And it was freezing! Having gone for a while away from home, I spent my vacation in the Philippines for 2 months there, and as it was always, it was warm.
It wasn't easy as I got a bad cold that I got from hubby who got the virus first :(. It was tough since I got sick few days before coming home, so I had to recover fast as I could and I had to go to the doctor just so I can have the right pills to take and to make me!
Thank God, I felt better, but upon reaching home, hubby got a "pink eye" and his cough came back. He had to go to his doctor for treatment, and right now, it seems I am not feeling well again..argh!
Now, I just don't feel like doing something, and all I want is to rest, sit and lie down. Perhaps, my body just deserves a break from too much work back in the Philippines...{sigh!}