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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Putting The Right Concealer

If you want to cover dark circles on your face, get the creamy formula, - it's less likely to cake on undereye skin, - and a heavier, more opaque formula for hiding pimples and redness.

Choose yellowish color when choosing undereye concealer if your dark circles have blue cast or choose a peachy shade if your circles are brown. Pick an opaque concealer that;s the closest color to your skin tone to cover redness and pimples.

To apply undereye concealer, stand in a natural light, then place several dots from near the inner corner to under the middle of the eye (but don't go to the outer corner). Pat your ring finger to blend them. Apply second layer only if the area still looks dark.

Blend the opaque concealer on redness around nostrils and on any dark spots with your fingertip. To hide a blemish, use a small, pointy brush to dot concealer directly on the zit, then brush in tiny strokes around the base of the pimple to blend. Set concealer with a light dusting of loose translucent powder.

If concealer cakes, dip a cotton swab in eye cream and sweep it over the build up.