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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brilliant Skin Disguises

Experts share some tips and tricks on how to camouflage some most common skin woes. According to my readings, I'm gonna be sharing it as well ;).

Problem: You've a pimple the size of "Everest".
Solution: If you wake up one morning on your wedding with a giant zit on your face, don't panic. Put some ice to reduce swelling, and don't manhandle it. Pat on a yellow or green-based color correcting concealer with a brush to balance redness. Follow with a regular concealer, then using a sponge, apply a light-reflecting foundation to your entire face to "add glow and draw attention away from the spot." Always use broad, sweeping strokes and move outward from the center of the face when using a sponge.

Problem: Undereye circles.
Solution: First, choose a concealer. Try a salmon shade if your circles are bluish. If they're red, use a golden tone. If you have dark skin, choose an orange to peach hue. Don't go to light in this area. Concealer should match your face exactly. Using a concealer brush, dot the product from the inner corners of the eye to the center. Lightly pat the color with the brush or your finger to blend it, then finish with foundation.

Problem:Discolored, uneven skin
Solution: If your skin looks patchy from sun damage, choose a foundation with a darker shade than your overall skin tone to guarantee coverage. Dot it on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin then blend it in with a sponge.

Problem: Freckles
Solution: It's not a problem! :). Freckles make you unique. If you've got good skin, applying a lightweight sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer with a sponge will give your face wedding polish but still allow your signature speckles to peek through.