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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ipod Your Wedding

Considering an ipod wedding? Ipod wedding is the commonly used term for working wedding music with the itunes;

If you're planning to do your music wedding through your ipod or itunes through your laptop, be sure you know how to trouble shoot the tunes.

Glitch#1: Your laptop suddenly dies on the wedding day and you can't get to your music.
Solution: Always have a back up plan. The best way is to load your wedding playlists on your ipod as well. Just be sure you have the right cord to connect it to the venue's speakers - and be sure to check it's fully charged.

Glitch#2: Your laptop is incompatible and can't be connected to the venue's sound system.
Solution: Do a dry run. Check with your on-site coordinator what type of cord you need, and take your laptop to the venue few weeks before the wedding to test it out.

Glitch#3: Turns out Eminem clears the floor fast :(.
Solution: Request someone (not a guest) to be your "music minder" during the reception who can keep an eye on the crowd's mood and quickly reorder tunes if necessary.

Also, introduce the person making the first toast, and some special announcements, like those for the parent dances.

Glitch#4: You run out of songs and the party's way not over yet.
Solution: Try making each of your playlists 30-40 minutes longer than you think you'll need. That way, if cocktail hour runs long or guests start dancing earlier than expected or stay later, you won't have to frantically download new music as the party rages in the background.