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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When To get Rid Of Your STuff

Toothbrush: Change after 3-4 months. Worn, frayed bristles aren't good at removing stains and plaque.

Workout Sneakers: Get a new one after 6-12 months. A worn down cushioning may cause you an injury.

Loofah: It lasts 1-6 months. Natural loofahs trap germs, so choose mesh puffs. Just hang them to dry and disinfect regularly.

Lip Balm: Lasts for a year. By then, it's perhaps already germ-filled.

Sponge: Get a new one after 4 weeks of use. It's the germiest thing in your home. Microwave your damp scrubber for 30 seconds daily to kill bacteria.

Sunblock: Get rid of it 3 years or before. If you have one baked in your hot car, just toss it when summer's over, since heat can break down active ingredients.

Eyeglass prescription: Effective for 2 years, but it's smarter to get regular eye exams; too weak lenses can cause headaches and eye strain.