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Friday, March 11, 2011

Fast Hair Blowout Tricks

Towel hair dry, and set an ionic dryer on high heat with medium speed. Lift hair as you blast the roots, raking your fingers from root to ends, following each motion with the dryer.

Make a horizontal part 2 inches back from the hairline, and clip up the front. Set dryer to high speed and heat to dry sides and back. Pull 3-inch wide sections out to the side with a round brush, wrap the ends around the brush, and secure with your thumb. Run dryer up and down the section with dryer's nozzle pointing down.

Unclip the front layers, and position hair brush under the hair starting at your forehead and pull each section straight up. Roll hair back to scalp, hold a few seconds, then unroll. Repeat til the top section is dry. Finish it by blasting hair using the cool setting to dry damp spots, then smooth hair with a drop of serum. If hair is fine, mist it with hair spray.