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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Care For Your Sweaters

Want to keep your sweaters always clean? Here are the best ways to consider:

If your washer has a "wool" or "hand wash" cycle, it's fine to put any cotton sweaters or wool or cashmere knits that don't have embroideries or sequins.
Pre treat collar and underarms with enzyme-based stain solution, then use a sulfate-free cleanser in the machine.

If your machine doesn't have the right cycle, wash by hand. Add couple squirts of gentle cleanser, mix then add the sweaters. Wash them with similar colors, pretreat as mentioned above.
Rinse with tap water after 30 minutes until water runs clear, then press, (never wring) out the excess.

Lay the sweaters flat to dry to avoid misshapen. A collapsible sweater rack with flat mesh shelves is okay. After completely dry, store sweaters neatly folded, - and don't hang them, which can stretch out the sleeves.

If the sweater pills, skim surface gently with a sweater stone (a pumice-like rock) in one direction. As much as possible, avoid using those little electric shavers because it can easily puncture or snag the fabric.