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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wanna Look Younger Longer?

Who doesn't want that? There are certain DO's recommended by experts to keep you from aging before your time.
  • Always use SPF 365 to protect yourself against premature wrinkling from the sun. Use one higher than SPF 15, and get it in a moisturizer.
  • Deal stress correctly. Continous stress may age cells by 10 years, plus it increases your risk to heart disease. Aim for daily time-outs, such as taking a walk after dinner.
  • Eat anti-aging foods. People who get intake of beans, olive oil, veggies and multi grain bread may have fewer wrinkles than people who take butter, meat and sugar, according to a study. Essential nutrients you should look for are; Vit. E in vegetable oils and brown rice which combat complexion-killing free radicals and Vit. C, an anti-oxidant that plumps up skin by rebuilding collagen fibers.
  • Stop smoking. It breaks down collagen (the one that keeps your skin smooth) and can cut oxygen flow to your skin by as much as 30% making you look older.
  • Exercise a lot. It sends nutrients and oxygen to your skin boosting its collagen production and vibrancy.