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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where's Your Source of Tickets?

If you don't have any idea where to get your entertainment or sports ticket without missing your favorite shows, try Ticket America.

Californians can get their tickets to watch their shows at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Just continue checking the site from time to time to check on new event updates.
If you're based in New Orleans or you're somewhat close to New Orleans Arena, it seems they have a lot of events to watch there these year. Hey, Lady Gaga will be having a concert here in April this year, so watch out.

The Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR has been having some busy events lately, too. Check the various concerts and the event dates. Your favorite entertainment artists might be there.
To my friends who are based in Illinois, including some relatives, here's some good news for you to watch your favorite concerts and sports at United Center. Don't forget to consider getting your tickets at Ticket America, ok? :)

And by the way, one good thing about Ticket America is that they also offer tickets for shows at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.
Not only making Americans happy, but the Canadians as well, don't you think? ;)

Enjoy your shows!