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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Time

This guest post from Hong Alexander

My family dragged me on a family trip that I did not want to go on. Every Friday, we have a habit of going bowling. They sprung the good news as I set the Adt home security alarm on the way out. My parents were so excited but, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a whole week in a cramped cabin with my two little sisters. I mean I only want to kill them half the time, how could I possibly have fun? Boy, was I wrong.

The cruise was the most amazing experience ever! We saw dolphins, rode jet skis, tanned by the pool and so much more just to name a few things! We got to go to the kids club and there were so many other teens my age that I never felt really suffocated by my family. I loved seeing Aztec ruins in Mexico even though it was wicked hot. My family and I defiantly bonded and I am so glad that my parents chose a cruise as a vacation for all of us. I know my little sisters enjoyed themselves whenever their was a photographer they made sure the were in the camera lens. They can be pretty cute sometimes. I must say I was impressed and I will not knockthe next vacation like this one.