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Friday, April 15, 2011

Organizing Your Garage

Who doesn't want a gorgeous garage? During winter, many people scramble to make space for their car in the garage.
Make time to clean it thoroughly, organize and de-clutter it to make it safer and more user-friendly.

Determine in advance how you'll store items so you'll have the necessary containers on hand when you start the job.

Take everything outside and clean the inside. Sweep the floor and wipe shelves. Use a cat litter box to soak up residue from oil or fluid spills or leaks.

Sort together all tools and gardening equipments, sporting goods, seasonal stuff, outdoor furniture and bagged materials such as potting soil, seeds, sand, etc.
Be sure to have "trash" and "donate" piles as well.

Do an evaluation such as if some thing belongs in your house, retain it there. If you're into online selling or garage sales, create a "sale" area.
Ask yourself: Have I used this in years? Will I use it again? Will I ever fix it again if it doesn't work? Do I really need it? Group items that are hazardous like old PC's, light bulbs, paints and leftover chemicals, which need safe disposal. Store them in a secure, convenient location so you can drop them off at the appropriate recycling facility when you have the time.

Take back what you're keeping. Get space as much as possible off the floor. If there is enough space under the roof, consider hanging items such as bikes from the ceiling. Use laundry baskets or stackable plastic storage containers for odd-shaped items or small tools and sporting equipments. Use pegboard, hooks or wall strips to store brooms, rakes, shovels, etc. safely. If necessary, attach items to wall studs for added support.

Be sure to maintain your newly clean space. If tempted by old habits, just remember what re-cluttering involved, then you'll be more likely to return items to their proper places, maintaining garage safety in the process.