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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sled Dogs Slaughter at Outdoor Adventures, Whistler

Reports and links on the internet have been circulating about a mass-dog killing at outdoor adventures Whistler, a company owned by Joey Houssian. It has been revealed publicly few months ago that 100 of Mr. Houssian's sled dogs were slaughtered by his former general manager Bob Fawcett due to a slowdown in the business.

This is so far one of the most horrible case to hear or see in the news! Although this case has been under investigation, the fact that some 100 dogs' lives (or even more?) had gone to waste just like that is a horrible nightmare!
It would be a sad thing to hear that just because a sled dog business is not thriving, dogs have to be killed...defenseless!

According to Joey Houssian, he claimed that he will take moral responsibility for everything that happens within his company while facts and legal responsibilities are still being investigated.