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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Hectic Day!

So, yesterday was a whole day affair with house chores at home. And today is another day of ironing and more cleaning! As I've said, the only best option I get is to finish them one at a time, although I wouldn't be sure I could completely be done, lol! By the time I am done with all the stuff, I have to start from that place where I started before, hahaha!
Well, it does help me doing this kind of gives me exercise and active routines. I thought it is also one good way to tire myself during the day so I can sleep earlier at night. I used to get sleep late at night. The earliest I can tell is at 2am. Latest can be as late as 4am!!! Not a good practice, but I usually got this habit when I am tied up with so many blogging opportunities online ;).