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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

House Chores!

Oh yes, I had a day of laundry, cleaning and airing the whole bedroom by opening two windows upstairs! I had a hard time pulling the windows up and pushing it down, ugh! Then I noticed later the window sills had a lot of dead bugs, rusts and molds!!! eeewwww! What a day! I had to clean it with antibacterial wet clothes and removed all the dead stink bugs! I remember, those bugs were all around the neighborhood since last summer, lol! Well, it was more than a year I haven't been opening those windows, and I only was able to open 2 from all of them. (hhhmmm, I haven't counted how many windows does our house has, hehehe... )
I think it's almost to 20 windows! Just imagine opening and cleaning each one of them, I need probably 2 months to completely clean those!
Haayyyzzz...this is my life. With a big house, and me alone doing it, I need a whole neighborhood.

Anyway, the most I can do is just to take a little one day at a time. No choice!