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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Organizing Tips That Really Work

Do at least one small organizing task daily, no matter how small. Just think: After a month, you'll have done 30 things off from your to-do list.

Open the mail over the shredder/recycling bin, and get rid of the junk immediately. It helps you make quick and definitive decisions so nothing will pile up in your hallway or anywhere.

Keep all your notes and lists in one small 3-ring binder you keep in your purse.

Separate undies and bras with drawer dividers.

Maximize wall space in your entry way with cut-to-fit lattice from your local home-improvement store.

You may want to host a shop-my-castoffs party once or twice yearly, and let friends take what they like, - purses and baubles to frocks and shoes.

Store frozen food in easily accessible, labeled plastic bins.

Provide a permanent marker in the bathroom cabinet for marking sunscreens, makeup or medicines with dates of purchases so you know readily when to get rid of them.

If no bathroom storage, hang a canvas shoe organizer on the back of the door. Then put dental care items in one row of pockets, makeup brushes on the next, shaving gears, and so on...

Donate or regift. Just because someone you care about gave you something doesn't mean you have to hold on it forever (even if you still have room for it!). Pass it on to others who will appreciate and use it.