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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Step Up & Get Noticed On The Job

If you have an eagerness to take work challenges in your job, it means you're showing drive and commitment.
If you're that person who always love challenges, here are good ways on tips for requesting more responsibility:

Save everyone's time by writing a specific request in a brief, but focused email, then your boss can get back to you at his own leisure. (Bosses are busy, so take note.)
Always be ready for on-the-spot opportunities to ask for more responsibility.
An example would be;-if the team is discussing a new project in a meeting and if it seems appropriate, raise your hand and volunteer to jump on board.

Most supervisors know that workers ask for challenges to get a promotion or a raise, but you can clarify your boss how your request will make his/her life easier.

Bosses prize the loyalty to workers who ask to get involved on tasks no one else wanted to work on. When better projects arise, you'll be the one they turn to.