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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Gardening Comfort

Oh yes! You love gardening but it can be a pain in the back, neck or legs! But a simple change of gear can help reduce the stress on your body. Check the following tips:

Protect your hands by wearing the right gloves to avoid calluses and blisters. Choose heavy leather ones for raking. For more dexterous work, use a fitted neoprene pair with padding to reduce friction.

Look for long-handled loppers with cushioned grips for trimming bushes and branches, to absorb pressure and a ratcheting gear just below the blade that multiplies force, making cutting easier.

Try to use a foam kneeler or pads that slip right over your pants to cushion your joints from the hard ground while you plant or weed.
For tasks requiring frequent, repetitive motion, such as digging a small hole, go for tools with rubberized, oversize handles you can hold easily.