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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Glitches & Fixes!

No one wants to experience embarassing moments on your big day, but don't ignore them either no matter how confident you feel they won't happen.

Glitch: Someone accidentally stepped on your train and rips it!
Quick Fix: If your train is tulle, ignore it; no one will be able to spot the damage. If it's made of fabric, use safety pins to repair the tear, then have your MOH bustle the train.

Glitch: An unexpected cold front threatens to freeze your guests at your outdoor ceremony.
Quick Fix: Call a party-rental company the moment you hear the temperature's taking a nosedive and reserve enough outdoor heat lamps to keep guests warm. (Party rentals suggest one heater for every 12 square feet.)
For lesser alternative, move ceremony indoors, like perhaps to the same venue as your reception. Then alert guests by phone about the change.

Glitch: Your ring bearer keeps flinging the ring pillow to the floor.
Quick Fix: It's always safe to use fake rings on the pillow. Ask his mom to step in, and if she can't stop the kid from tossing it, don't let him walk. Instead, seat him with his parents and let the show go on without him.

Glitch: You're getting gas pains due to stress.
Quick Fix: Try any product that helped you in the past, from over-the-counter meds such as Mylanta, Rolaids or yogurt with prebiotics like Yoplus or Activia. Chew slowly and don't use straws for drinking, and avoid carbonated drinks. You need to avoid gulping more air.

Glitch: Your singer can't make it, and you don't like the replacement's style.
Quick Fix: Have someone ask the band leader if someone else can sing. If not, either let them go the instrumental route or check with the band if they can layer digital music over its own playing.

Glitch: A guest who said "no" showed up at the reception.
Quick Fix: Take a deep breath, and welcome your surprise guest with open arms, then let your caterer take care of the rest. Any party pro worth his salt should be able to round up a seat and a meal for your "unexpected" (plus one) guest.