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Monday, July 4, 2011

Which Planner Is ideal For You?

In choosing the right planner, it's vital to consider the fact that the fewer minutes it takes you to learn it, the better! So, ask yourself, what's my planner going to be used for?
Do you prefer paper or electronic? Is it only for your personal use or does your family needs access too?

If you are a paper person, go with a sleek planner with a durable binder or cover. Simple and affordable. Choose the lightweight one that fits in your purse and which you use it most of the times a day.

If you prefer electronic ones, go with a calendar and task-management program that runs on both PDAs and computers for easier access wherever, whenever. You can also plan appointments, prioritize your to-dos and set reminder alarms.
make sure that's it's sync-ready to another device regularly, even if you don't use it, so you always have a full back up.

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