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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cunard Cruise Lines

I just mentioned in my most recent post that I went for a Caribbean cruise two weeks ago. Although I had a different cruise line, I would like to think that all cruise vacation experiences are worth cherishing. I don't want to talk about cruise line competitors. I just would want to think that I would not hesitate trying every cruise lines as much as I could if I could only do so. But who knows? Maybe someday, the next cruise I will be having will be a Mediterranean Cruise with Cunard Cruise Lines :).

Honestly, I bookmarked Cunard's homepage already. It would definitely be the first priority on my list to check for my next cruise with my husband.

I was able to check on the hot deals on their site and they have schedules as early as March of 2012. Cool! I would prefer at least 7 or 10 days European cruise and there seems to be one I got interested with for next year's schedule.

I also think that Cunard's website is also worth recommending for those who are planning for a cruise anytime this year and next year. I recommend visiting their site and check their cruise schedules under their hot deals section.

If ever my trip with Cunard will be pushed through next year, I would really love to experience a superior celebrity cruise experience as many would say ;). I would check their packages online as well from time to time.