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Monday, August 22, 2011

Get Organized In 3 Steps!

First, plan out the week on Sunday. The start of the week help revolutionize your life with 20 minutes of planning.
Ask yourself what are the main picture goals you would like to accomplish. These goals are to be put in first because they're sort of goals that get pushed aside for daily tasks. Then, next would be scheduling any projects you need to do, after which you can put in the usual to-do's like laundry, carpool, etc...

Next step would be, before dinner or an hour before bedtime, look at the next day and take a few minutes to plot it out. You won't have conflicts and you're less likely to run out of time when you plan.

Third step is to manage and conquer the 3 mails; - paper mails, voicemails and emails. They contain vital information that you need to put into your planner. So, write all the relevant information on your planner instead of holding on to all of it.
Then, get rid of the original mail.