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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sex and the City

Written by Sherri Hicks

Probably my favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon is to snuggle down into the couch and watch old reruns of Sex and the City. Those girls are just a hoot and I love to live vicariously through them since life’s not all that exciting here in Omaha! Ever since I got satellite from that’s practically all I’ve been doing since they rerun the show on dozens of networks, it seems like. My friends all really like it too so sometimes I’ll chill out on the sofa and ask them to come over if a particularly good episode comes on which is so much fun! I can’t really tell a lot of people about my obsession because men certainly don’t understand and since the show’s kind of passé most people would think I’m living in the past but for those few minutes everyday when I get to escape to New York to live through my single friends, well, those are the best moments of my whole day sometimes!