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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Divorce Attorneys For Men

A marriage ending up in divorce is never a good experience, and not even worth recommending for many. But I think this topic is a bit sensitive to talk about, so I don't want to instigate any opinions about the pros and the cons, etc...

Anyway, in some circumstances where divorce has to happen between couples, there are times that men could have difficulty finding a divorce attorney.
Cordell & Cordell is one family law firm that focus on divorce for men including paternity, modification, child support, asset divorce and even a complex divorce!
A domestic litigation firm such as cordell & cordell offers 24/7 access to your case information, online custody and case calendar including a client-attorney forum where continous information is being extended for clients.

This might be the complete solution for men particularly those fathers who want to exert their father's rights.

You can conveniently schedule an initial consultation by getting in touch with them at 1-866-DADS.LAW and be sure to read any further instructions on their homepage before seeing your attorney.

Do you want to have live chats with the attorneys as well? No problem! You can conveniently do it online as well. The time schedule for the chat is also provided on their website, so keep checking for more.