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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Plus Size Clothings For Women

Plus sizes are not actually difficult to find whether you are shopping in your favorite local stores or online. I do shop online most of the time for my clothings, but I actually belong to petite sizes! ;)

I remember the first time I shopped online for my clothes, the next few weeks, I got tons of catalogs from the mail, lol!
At first, I am actually annoyed by these catalogs as I receive at least 3-4 of them daily. But I do go over and check them and later on I told myself they really are a big help to me when it comes to choosing my own style and the sizes that fit me. It is through these catalogs that I actually discovered my exact size!

Anyway, one of the catalogs that I am receiving until now is Roaman's. They are for plus sizes. Although they are too big for my size, I love their designs and cuts. It's just that I can't really wear too lose sizes, lol.

Plus Size Coats at Roaman's are actually fashionable and trendy, and take note, the prices are really affordable! By the way, don't miss the chance checking on them online today for you to avail the "buy one, get one" promo with 50% off prices too.
How I wish Roaman's would offer more petite sizes as well.