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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rules For An Organized Pantry

You can make everything work as long as you stick to the rules, whether your pantry is described as a walk-in closet, a few shelves in the cupboard or three deep drawers.

First, ask yourself what you eat most. If you love rice for example, then a 20-lb. bag is great, provided you have the space. Avoid filling up your pantry with foods you don't often use.

Learn to shop small and keep all items in your pantry constantly in use, filling the space you have with whatever healthy foods you might need. Buy in bulk only the stuff you use often.

Go for canned goods. Canned veggies are picked at their peak freshness, so they're great way to keep your pantry stocked. They can be used to enhance what you're serving by adding fresh items on them. Like for example, if you want to make a soup or spruce up pasta, canned tomatoes are better than no tomatoes.

Be cool and store all pantry items in cool, dark environments. Store them away from the stove or nearby appliances giving off heat.

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