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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Safe Cig

Have you heard about The Safe Cig yet? I happened to be browsing it online, and since I don't smoke, I am not sure what impact does it bring to those who smoke. But I consider this thing quite interesting to read and know about though.

The Safe Cig is one brand of electronic cigarette and considered to be the most trusted brand which allows smokers to have controlled amounts of nicotine vapor without the tar or carbon monoxide. It comes in various nicotine levels (there are 6 mg. levels) including the one that has no nicotine (0 mg.). The best thing regarding one of its features is that it does not have any odor, no tar and no offensive odor. Many smokers are actually switching to this type of electronic cigarette as an alternative to tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette Company such as The Safe Cig introduced the United States to eCigarettes, which is a family-owned and operated company based in Hollywood, California.

It is so cool to imagine that in today's modern technology, the most advanced discoveries of high tech inventions have even reached to the point of having modern electric cigarettes now being commonly used by many smokers worldwide! ;)

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