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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Goes Where In Your Pantry?

If your pantry needs a full transformation, make it one filled with easy-to-see foods in active rotation.

First step is to clean it out, and pull out everything in there. Create two piles; - things you want to use and keep, and foods you haven't touched in at least 3 months. Take note: those stuff you haven't used til now, will probably not going to be used). So, for those that generally are not in use, decide whether to toss it, donate it or serve it imminently.
This will make you free up some space for more room for those that you really need.

If your pantry includes non-food items, perhaps you would try considering other spaces for these out from your pantry. But if they have to stay in there like your paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, may want to try door hooks like the Big Eye Wardrobe Shelf.

You can group them into types; - grains, drinks, pet food, baking items, soups, canned goods, etc... It is also good to group them in one cluster, such as all canned pineapples in one etc..You can use shelf dividers too for a more organized zones.

Labelling is sensible. You can label your shelves as not to create confusion, just ideal for those people who are potentially forgetful ;).

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