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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What To Do With Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

According to the sleep expert, it will help reduce your eye's dark circles if you get more sleep. With sleep deprivation, your circulation slows down a bit so blood pools below your eyes, where skin is extremely thin. How much sleep you need to prevent darkness depends upon your lifestyle. It's different for each person.
If you wake up and feel and look refreshed, add up how much sleep you got. That's your 'sleep need' number.

According to the dermatologist, UV protection is crucial because sun damage thins that skin even more. Invest in a pari of shades treated to block 99-100% of UV rays and wear sunblock.
Also, as you age, you lose fat volume under the eyes, causing a slight indention that creates a shadow-which makes exisisting circles more pronounced.

According to the make up artist; a good creamy concealer will do the trick. It is recommended to apply a concealer after foundation or tinted moisturizer to have a smooth, hydrated complexion on which your concealer will glide seamlessly.
Invest in a good concealer brush with soft bristles that makes for the easiest blending.

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