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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Married?

I still remember when I and my husband were preparing for our wedding seven years ago. And yes, until now, our marriage is still as strong as ever and even getting stronger each day! ;) I would say, thank God for 7 wonderful years of marriage that is full of blessings.

It was funny during that time when I said I don't need a very expensive wedding ring to get married. And my husband was like, I want a more expensive one so you would take care of it, lol!
But anyway, it wasn't a long argument. I got a very loving, kind and understanding husband, and a precious wedding ring!...priceless!

Nowadays, it is so good to know that you can easily see celtic wedding rings with unique and various designs, from romantic, to traditional designs. And you can get them at very affordable prices. You don't need to get a super expensive wedding ring just to impress your future wife and anybody else, even if you can't afford to have one. But a man getting one for his beloved wife regardless of the price is not a big issue. As long as it comes from the heart and symbolizes the love between them, everything comes priceless!

If you are getting married, follow the link and check the ring collections!