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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Protecting Your Carpet From Stains!

Carpets are designed to last 10-20 years but it is ideal to replace it after 5-7 years if there is too much staining. Most carpets (except for all-natural fiber carpets like wool) are coated with stain-resistant chemicals but no carpet is considered stain proof.

Don't ever use a carpet cleaner or stain figher like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or nail polish remover without testing it first on the hidden corner to make sure it doesn't fade the color.

Before the stain hits, avoid white rugs. It involves a ton of work maintaining it. But if you have one, try getting inexpensive throw rugs to place on top of highly trafficked areas. Avoid black rugs as well. Opt for light shades such as beige. That way, if you need to use a spot remover, you run less of a risk of creating a pale spot on the rug than you would with a dark carpet.

Don't overclean. You can steam every few years as needed, and vacuum regularly, at least twice a month. Pull out tarps or throw rugs when kids and dirty shoes are around, otherwise, ban shoes! Go with bare feet or slippers only.

Treat right away if there are new, fresh stain by blotting it immediately with water or club soda. Scrape up any solid particles.
If it's ink, it is nearly impossible to get out of carpets, like nail polish and many cosmetics. You might want to rearrange your furniture.

If you have stains you're not sure of, put warm water and dish soap in a bottle, shake it up and apply the foam to the stain. Then rinse with half water, half vinegar.

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