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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protecting Your Walls Against Stains

If you have a brand new wall that is still free from stains, be sure to choose darker colors that will show fewer smudges and marks.
If you have a light-colored eggshell or satin paint, you might want to repaint it with primer first. The primer will help prevent greasy fingerprints through the drywall which can create a permanent stain. So, this acts as a barrier. Then, repaint with latex paint.

If the stain sinks into the drywall such as with the case of oil splatters behind the stove, it will be permanent, so treat it quickly as soon as it splatters on the wall.

For stains on most wall paints, these paints are generally designed to withstand soap and water, where washing shouldn't leave a discoloration. But if you want to be sure, test it first in a hidden corner.
If it doesn't work, try stain remover. You can try baking soda with a damp sponge, then mix with 1 part of ammonia with 2 parts of warm water and apply.

If you'll want to end up covering the stain by repainting, you'll likely to have to repaint the entire wall unless your recently painted last month or two. Be sure you prime directly over the stain.
If it's an oil-based stain use an oil-based primer which will prevent the stain from appearing through the new coat of paint.

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