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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Treating Stains on Your Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs

Before putting any liquid or any other chemical on any stains on your furniture, be sure to know if your furniture are treated with stain-resistant chemicals or not. Don't just dump water on the stain as you will probably end up with a water stain!
Just o be sure, test it first from a hidden corner then wait and see how it dries.

Before a stain hits, and your furniture hasn't yet been treated and you feel comfortable on chemicals, try Scotchgard which can treat fabric slightly firmer. Those with natural fibers such as cotton, are easier to treat than silk or synthetics.

If there is a fresh stain, treat it immediately. Take note: If your furniture is marked with W, you can never go wrong by pouring club soda on the stain to lift it from the material.
Otherwise, you can also opt for dry cleaning.

Another option would be to reupholster a good quality piece which is by the way cheaper, rather than buying brand new. Choose a tough, tightly woven fabrics that you can apply a stain-resistant product into it, like tapestry or synthetic/natural blends.

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