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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Check Those "Green" Grocery Bags

Nowadays, reusable bags have become a must for eco-friendly shopping. But did you know that those pretty totes can get pretty gross too if you don't check it out.

A research study from the University of Arizona in Tucson found out that more than half of those reusable grocery bags they tested were contaminated by fecal bacteria and E. Coli that cause severe stomach upset if ingested. So, also take note that totes stored in a warm car trunk can even make those germs multiply faster.

Stay safe by designating different bags for produce and meat and another one for groceries only.
Don't mix and use all the same bags to carry your clothes, shoes or toys that can carry more bacteria to your food.

Be sure to to those those totes in with the laundry once in a while then cycle it on hot to kill 99.9% bacteria.

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