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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creating a Mess-Free Closet

Don't know how to slim down your possessions and expand your options? Perhaps, the following tips can help. It's time to clean up your closet!

Anything you haven't worn for two years or more, garments that can't be repaired, fashion mistake, etc...need to be out for disposal.
It feels good to give stuff away that you don't use.

Clothes can be moved to a standing rack, or bins and boxes under the bed or stacked properly in a corner for out of season clothes. Another option is folding them, mostly ideal for wrinkled style clothes, or clothes that need not to be ironed.

Get double cascading hooks that let you hang multiple items from one hanger. Make use of the wall above the hanging rod by adding an additional shelf for off-season storage.
You can also install mini-shelves or under-wire baskets for any vertical space between existing shelves.

Use the back of the door by hanging an over-the-door-rack or hooks to neatly hang your small items such as bags, hats or belts.

Good luck! :)

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