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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Germiest Places You Could Imagine!

If you think the dirtiest place you'll ever encounter is a public toilet, think again! According to a study, 80% of grocery carts were found out they had E.coli!...and they're not the only microbe magnets.
Here are the other list of at least top 5 most germ-filled places in your world!...and the best way to clean them.

1. Phones - did you know that your cell phone can carry 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Many disease causing microbes can survive for 2 weeks on your rarely cleaned office or phone. Swipe with a disinfecting wipe daily.

2. Soap dispensers - they are also common as hot spots for E.coli, and other fecal bacteria, but if you wash your hands properly, lathering while singing one round of "happy birhtday", you'll get rid of the bugs.

3. Keyboards and Mouse - your co worker's germs can linger on your computer longer than the virus she accidentally emailed last week. The rhinovirus that causes common cold can survive for hours to days on keyboards. Wipe these accessories weekly with disinfectant even if you're the only one using your computer.

4. Lobby-level elevator buttons - Wait for someone else to press the button, or use your knuckle, then apply sanitizer.

Shopping cart handles - Up to 8 in 10 may have the presence of E.coli, so take advantage of free disinfectant wipes at the store or use hand sanitizer after shopping.

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