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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bedbugs... Know The Facts!

According to the Ohio Department of Health, bedbugs are making a big comeback due to the fact of a reduced use of home pesticides. Also, because of our mobile society, bedbugs are also coming with us.

A very important thing to take note is that;-in order to avoid bringing those tiny bloodsuckers home, check your hotel room. When you return home, wash your clothing in hot water, dry it on a hot cycle and vacuum your luggage or suitcase.

You can spot them behind the headboard and in the matress seams for little brown things moving or looking like droplets that stain the sheets. Adults are colored brown and the size of a lentil, and babies are yellow and even smaller.

Be sure to take note how their bites look like. They can show up as red welts or be invisible. Bites can take up to 2 weeks to appear.

If you have comfirmed you have bedbugs at home, put clothes and your linens in a dryer on high heat because bugs can't survive temperatures over 113F.
Call a professional who can kill bugs hiding in deep crevices and to debug your bed frame. Don't try using pesticides that are meant to be used outdoors which can be poisonous. Also, plastic casing on your mattress can suffocate bugs.

Although bedbugs don't transmit diseases, they can cause a lot of anxiety.

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