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Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Protect Your Kids From Facebook

There's no doubt that millions of people are now using Facebook, - the famous social network! But watch out!...your teens behavior on the social network can lead to disasters in any aspects if not monitored. It can endanger them including your child's financial well-being and possibly yours as well.

One risk is identity theft. One technique that scammers do is to try to get personal details by sending quizzes or games with keystroke collecting malware attached. So, if your child is using your PC, your data will become at risk as well.
Advice your kids not to post their full birth date or address, and have them changer their privacy settings to "friends only". Usually, the default setting "friends of friends" can increase the number of eyes that can view their page.
Lastly, keep your PCs anti malware up to date always.

Social network sites, (including facebook) can hurt the image of job prospects and college graduates. A recent Career Builder survey found out that 45% of employers use sites such as facebook to research for candidates and 35% of it found content that led them to reject a prospect.
Let your kids know what will make a bad impressions like drinking or related to sex photos as well as descriminatory comments about companies or colleges. Urge them to remove inappropriate posts and untag themselves in unseemly photos.

Did you know that your kids may involve themselves to overspending just by playing games on facebook? A recent study showed that 43% of teens using social networks spend money on sites, often to buy virtual items or advance in a game.
Be sure to scrutinize your bills and never sotre your paypal password. Remind your child that the rules online are the same as off. He needs permission to bill purchase to you.

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