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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Musts For Women To Lower Their Risk of Breast Cancer

Although we don't have total control over our risk for this disease, nearly 40% of all breast cancer cases in the US annually could be prevented with healthy lifestyles, such as eating right and exercising.

Based on a research showing postmenopausal women who are obese, they are 1.5x likely to develop breast cancer as to their normal weight counterparts, and are at a significant higher risk of dying from the disease.
So, stay at a healthy weight as much as you can.

Based on a National Cancer Institute research, exercising 4x or more a week can decrease estrogen levels and in turn can help lower breast cancer risk.

There is a well defined connection between drinking alcohol and breast cancer risk. The more alcohol you take, the greater the risk. Those who have 2-5 alcohol drinks a day have about 1.5x the cancer risk. So, limit yourself to no more than one alcoholic beverage per day. Typical amount should be like 12-oz beer, a 5-oz glass of wine or 1.5oz of liquor).

It's always good to know your family history. If you have a mother, grandmother, maternal aunt who have/had breast cancer at age 50 or earlier, you may carry the gene mutation that can place your lifetime risk of breast cancer at 60%. Talk to your doctor about genetic testing and know what protective measures you can take.

Eat healthy. A diet rich in fruits, veggies, fish, olive oil, whole grains and legumes can help reduce risk of breast cancer in post menopausal women.

Check you Vitamin D levels. A study found out that the higher levels of D meant 50% of lowering your risk to breast cancer.

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