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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party!, Party!

According to creative director of Allure magazine Paul Cavaco, there are 3 simple rules of party dressing, whether your invitation says cocktail, black tie or festive attire.

So, if you're at a crowded event, it's more possible that no one can see your lower half, so try to "live on top" and make sure your prettiest details like embellishments, lace or ruching are concentrated above the waist.

Pick the right bag that is compact enough to fit under your arm, but roomy enough to fit your lipstick, credit card and phone and yet still always stay closed. Consider a bag with chains if you'll be dancing.

Shawls and cardigans can look frumpy, but you can wear a coat and just check it in at the door. The energy of the party should be enough to keep you warm.

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