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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How To Organize Your Closet

Beautify it like putting some wallpaper or patterned shelf paper or you can paint it with rich paint color. Good lighting is also important; such as a lamp or a small chandelier or even a shade you clip unto a bulb can make your tiny space elegant.

Choose hangers that are skinny, flocked hangers instead of using wood hangers which occupy a lot of space. Pants should be hanged by the cuffs with hangers that have padded clips. Don't keep anything in dry-cleaning bags, which can trap moisture. If you want to protect clothes that you don't wear very often, such as evening dress, store it in a cloth garment bag.

Instead of using shoe organizers that hang off your closet rod, line them up in a separate space. You don't want your shoes come close to your clothes. You should be able to see each pair easily so ditch the boxes and bags. Use tall plastic boot trees to keep boots upright.

Sweaters can skip the hangers as well as clothes with beaded items (the weight of the beads can strain the fabric). Jeans can skip hangers too, if there are no more space. You can fold them once at the knees.

Hang purses on hooks so they can be visible and not crushed. Clutches can be stacked side by side on a shelf too.

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