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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

The day started out to be clear today, but surprisingly, it started to drizzle, then snowflakes came dropping! It was so weird because when I checked the weather earlier, it didn't say it would be raining with snowflakes, lol!

Anyway, I was glad we were able to do our itineraries today, visiting 3 stores to buy more stuff for the "balikbayan box" so we could fill the box and send it out tomorrow (hopefully).

We then had an early dinner at Glory Days Grill, just 5 minute-drive from home and their food was good! It was our first time going there. The restaurant was newly-opened late last year, and it was a good news for the neighborhood. We're so glad we loved the food. It would be a nice place to visit regularly ;).

We went back home after our dinner and still snowing, but it was still a good thing that the snow didn't settle on the ground. It was probably because it snowed at a 40F temperature, which means no snow to dig and scrape! Ahhh!!! How I wish winter would be like this until it ends!